Supervision of Theses

Supervision of Ph.D. Theses

Jasmin Daam (Kassel)

Tourist spaces. The Arab East as European tourist destination in the interwar period
First supervisor
Thesis completed 2020; viva in October 2020

Varsha Patel (Kassel)

Human-Cattle Relations in Bangalore, South India, 1900—Present
Second supervisor; first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mieke Roscher (Kassel)
Thesis to be completed in April 2021

Michael Czolkoss (Oldenburg)

Transnationale Möglichkeitsräume: deutsche Diakonissen in London (1846—1918)
(Transnational Spaces of Agency: German Deaconesses in London, 1846—1918)
Second supervisor; first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gunilla Budde
Thesis completed; viva in 10/2019

Soni Sharma (ETH Zurich)

Child “Rescue” Missions: The Case of Orphans in Colonial North India; 1860—1947
Second supervisor; first supervisor: Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Thesis to be completed in 2020

Supervision of M.A., B.A., and State Exam Theses

In Progress

State Exam

Derya Gözel: Selbstwahrnehmung von türkischen Migrant/innen und ihren Nachkommen in Deutschland (ca. 1970–2020)
(Self-Perception of Turkish Migrants and their Descendants in Germany (c. 1970–2020)
First advisor


BA Theses

Diana Vegner: The Bengal Famine of 1943
Co-advisor; First advisor: Hubertus Büschel

Miguel Ohnesorge: Reassembling the Indian Courts: India and Imperial Knowledge at the Great Exhibition of 1851
First advisor

Hannah Lindig: Perspektiven auf den deutschen „Mädchen- und Frauenhandel“ um 1900 (Perspectives on the German ‚White Slave Traffic‘ at the Turn of the Twentieth Century)
First advisor

Civil Service Examination Theses

Alexandra Keller
Hermann Joseph Muller – ein anderer Eugenik-Begriff?
(Hermann Joseph Muller – a different notion of eugenics?)
First advisor

MA Theses

Ann-Kathrin Mogge
Nach der Wende die Wende? Diskussionen um die Nation in zwei neurechten Periodika nach der Wiedervereinigung
(Wende after the Wende? Debates on the Nation in two German Rightwing Periodicals after Re-Unification)
Co-advisor; First advisor: Jörg Requate